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Gemeente Amsterdam


For the 2021 elections, we collaborated with Represent to create a video campaign for the Gemeente of Amsterdam. The main objective of the video content was to encourage young people with a migration background to vote. As part of our campaign, we introduced the concept of the “anti-vote.” If unsure about whom to vote for, individuals could consider voting against something they don’t like in their neighborhood or against certain issues. This approach empowered young voters to express their concerns and make their voices heard through the ballot box.

Our campaign, along with the powerful representation from people within the community, played a significant role in increasing voter turnout among young people with a migration background compared to previous elections. The engaging campaign videos and collaboration with community members were instrumental in motivating and mobilizing this important demographic to participate in the democratic process. Shared by many the impact of these videos has never been bigger with these voters.


What we did

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