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Introducing the Global Nike Campaign for Women’s Fall Winter ’22 by The Athletes Foot: Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health Awareness.

The Women’s Fall Winter ’22 global Nike campaign was brought to life in collaboration with The Athletes Foot and was executed by an all-female crew. This groundbreaking 360-degree campaign spans across various platforms, including captivating videos, photos, in-store experiences, and impactful out-of-home content.

At the heart of our approach lies a powerful mission – to raise awareness around Mental Health Awareness Day on the 11th of October. We believe that mental health is a subject that deserves universal attention and understanding. By infusing authentic scribbles from the ‘diaries’ of our main characters into the visuals, we aim to make mental health awareness more relatable, fostering a sense of empathy and connection.

Through this campaign, we strive to emphasize that mental health is crucial and entirely normal. We have beautifully captured the essence of this message in our videos, shot on Bolex, delivering a poignant portrayal of the significance of mental well-being.

The global toolkit and meticulously crafted social content and copy further amplify the campaign’s impact, enabling us to reach and touch the hearts of millions worldwide.


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360° campaign
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