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Old Scuola


In the heart of Rotterdam lies a culinary gem – Old Scuola, arguably the best pizza restaurant in the city. Devoted to crafting the finest pizzas, their dedication, and passion have earned them the prestigious title of the 3rd best pizza in the world, chosen by the most discerning pizza critics. To capture the essence of their culinary mastery, we embarked on a captivating social campaign series.
Through a series of captivating videos, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Old Scuola. Witness the artistry as their skilled team meticulously crafts each pizza, showcasing their commitment to using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Quality is at the heart of everything they do, and this is evident in every step of their process.

The campaign gives you an insider’s perspective into the passion that drives Old Scuola’s success. From kneading the dough to handpicking the toppings, their love for pizza-making shines through in every frame.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The social campaign also offers a glimpse into Old Scuola’s future endeavors, teasing exciting new developments that will continue to elevate their culinary craft.
We meticulously shot all the videos in one productive and fast-paced day, capturing the essence of Old Scuola at several locations. The result is a series of 5 visually stunning and engaging videos that truly reflects the passion and artistry behind this renowned pizzeria.


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