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Step into a whimsical realm where creativity and style converge, as we present the captivating adidas campaign video for Freshcotton. In this cinematic masterpiece, everything revolves around the enchanting number 11, a nod to the eleven mesmerizing colors of adidas’ classic tracksuit and other apparel which dropped in that season.

Inspired by the unparalleled filmography of Wes Anderson, our team embarked on a journey to infuse the essence of his distinct style into the shots. The result? A visually appealing short film that weaves a narrative like no other, capturing the imagination of viewers and leaving them spellbound.
Collaborating with the Zidan’s, we crafted a visual spectacle that showcases the iconic adidas originals’ tracksuits in all their splendor. The eleven new colorways take center stage.

As the film was unveiled we reached over one million impressions through Instagram and strategic advertising. The enchanting storyline and captivating visuals held viewers spellbound, leading to an extraordinary 60% higher view-through rate than the industry average.


What we did

video campaign
creative direction