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In the vibrant world of marketing, Fila Europe’s presence in the Benelux region stands out as a beacon of creativity and impact. As the driving force behind all marketing endeavors, we take pride in orchestrating an array of compelling initiatives, from campaign shoots and editorials to PR, seeding, events, and activations, that have made a great impact on Fila in Europe.

In our pursuit of innovation and excellence, we orchestrated two remarkable influencer content days that have become defining moments for Fila Europe. Collaborating with top-notch professional photographers and videographers, we curated an experience that seamlessly blended the promotion of Fila’s sports collection with the creation of captivating content for influencers. These influencer content days proved to be a stroke of genius, as they not only allowed us to seed Fila’s sports collection effectively but also provided a platform for influencers to express their genuine affinity for the brand. The result was an extraordinary campaign that reverberated across social platforms, engaging an impressive audience of over 500,000 people in just one exhilarating weekend.

As we continue to steer Fila Europe’s marketing endeavors in the Benelux region, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, crafting unforgettable experiences, and leaving an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of people. Together, we celebrate the power of collaboration, creativity, and storytelling, elevating Fila Europe to new heights in the ever-evolving world of marketing.


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