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Melkweg Pride


Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion at Melkweg Amsterdam’s Pride Month: Pride and Prejudice
Embrace a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and unity as Melkweg Amsterdam proudly presents its Pride Month festivities! Our team at The Spot Agency is thrilled to have crafted the eye-catching branding for this momentous occasion, bringing the spirit of pride and prejudice to life.
With a dynamic graphic design for the poster campaign, you’ll find our artwork adorning the city streets, serving as a colorful beacon of inclusivity. The diverse program offers a range of events that welcome everyone to join in the festivities, and this inclusivity is beautifully reflected in the versatile and harmonious use of colors within our branding.

Our branding extends beyond the streets, spreading the message of love and acceptance across Melkweg Amsterdam’s socials and website. Every design element thoughtfully reflects the essence of Pride Month, reinforcing the sense of community and celebration.


What we did

Graphic design
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